The heart of a school drawn towards God.


Worship begins when our hearts, minds and imaginations are moved to offer praise and adoration to God: when we lift our eyes from the here and now to the eternal…

SCALA believes that the quality of worship in the school community is of huge importance, since this may for many pupils be their main experience of Christian worship in a corporate setting. This emphasises again the centrality of the role of the Chaplain or other worship leaders in planning, devising and leading worship which can be meaningful and genuine for the whole school community.christ

The Christian tradition holds a vast wealth of resources for worship. Central to that tradition is the celebration of the Eucharist. This has been re-emphasised in recent decades and SCALA seeks to support all those who wish to provide Eucharistic worship in the school setting.

The idea of the school as a worshipping, Eucharistic community has been developed extensively in an address in September 2003 by Rowan Williams, available on his website at: www.archbishopofcanterbury.org

Each school has its own culture and context, and thus SCALA does not commend any one particular way of ordering school worship or the celebration of the Eucharist. Instead, we commend some general principles: worship in schools should ideally be:

• accessible for all participants;
• actively participative;
• inclusive of all present;
• meaningful for both participants and leaders;
• genuinely expressive of the spirituality of the community.

School chaplains and worship leaders report increasingly that pupils are responsive to an eclectic approach to worship, one which draws on both silence and music; on both symbolic actions and visual images; as well as on aspects of written liturgy from various strands across the whole Christian tradition.

SCALA is able to offer consultancy visits to schools where a review of worship provision may be helpful. Contact SCALA Office.

For suggestions or forms and varieties of prayer, go to the Prayer section of this website.